There was nothing here for us
The tide falls out

There was nothing here for us
The edge of your voice ties me to the bed
There is nothing here

Where do you come from
When the ground softens between our feet and holds no structure
It’s in this vibrating courage that I melt into some ribcage home
A shilho inside I had forgotten

Is that why I’m here
To forget myself
To remember myself
To forget myself
To remember myself

I’m tired of your eyes making me forget
And the need to spend money to enter the door

I remember the way grass doesn’t need to me repay her for the way my feet come down

The buildings were trapping me and I want to go home

I lost myself in the redhook pizza place
I found myself on the spine of the mountain
Or started to
At least

I lost myself
Your quilted coffee grounds
Mattress on the floor

I carry myself in the settlements of dirt
These hands found

I lost myself in the place where the sidewalks started
In the water that cringes my skin and makes eyes find meaningless meaning everywhere

I find myself in the neon orange scars
Of the sky
Where airplanes draw with sound

I lost myself in the passengers side
I found myself breathing into vinyl train cots

I lost myself
But she is hiding always
Between the peel of heart tissue
And leave capillaries
Between sun pumping through my whole hand
Red glow mirage

She hides in dirty toe arroyo
Labored breath when she calls to the mountain core alone

This thing they call magic
My veins whispering to the sky train
The suncrapers collapse
Filing cabinets in my lungs
Melting skirts and hair

Here I am