There is something in the water you give me to drink
Like alkaline chalk
Tincture mist

There is something in the water you give me
You say its name like it’s medicine
It puts me to sleep too quickly
Thick dreams
My body weighted in sloth sleep

There is something in the water
You perjure yourself
You lie on the grass
Wade in the spring
Stand over your sink
And remind me that time is time
And time moves slowly
That I should move slowly with it
That I should remember I am merely a human
And not the wisp I think I am
Not the fragrant dust I remember myself to be

There is something
There is something that my thumb wants to press into
That my hand wants to smack against the wall
Like a mosquito it misses
Over and over again
No blood stained down
The lips of your leg hair smatter red across your face

There is
There is a lesson in your eyes
Just for me
Locked away
Like the cupboard I nestle my flimsy body into
Where discarded water brews inside me
There is

There there
There a mystery
There there
Just like that
I've got you
You say you've got me
I believe you
But I wish you could see me with the eyes of who you call God
Someone who lives outside of you and who you forget lines the walls of your heart
You hear me speak
And remember
But not nearly enough